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Welcome To My Home Page
Hey all - this is John's Ranger page. Below, you'll find pics of my 1985 Ford Ranger in various states of tune. This truck is being built to smoke all the ricers in Orem! Check back often, as we're always updating this site!
Site Updates
01/27/05 - My webmaster finally decided he wasn't lazy enough to make my page, so here it is! V1.0!!!!
-15x8 American Racing Bandit II (?) wheels-
-245/60-15 BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires-
-Custom carpeted interior-
-flat-black rattle-can paint job-
-custom gauge faces-
-Sunpro 3.38" ProTach-
-Custom exhaust (blown Raptor muffler, chrome tip, no cat)-

Truck Specs
Make - Ford
Model - Ranger
Year - 1985
Body Style - Regular Cab, Long Bed
Color - Primer, white, flat black, rust
Engine - 2.8 Liter V6, 2-barrel carb, N/A tunes
Trans. - 5-speed w/overdrive, close-ratio

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You think your project is looking good? Send us your before and after pics, and we'll put 'em on this site! Just as long as it doesn't rival the infamous "rusted Ranger" ... heh.

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